When most people hear the words Personal alarm their immediate thoughts are ‘’Old persons alarm’’ Some people who could very well benefit from a personal alarm will often be put off before they have even had a chance to hear some of the features and benefits. If you look at some of the Personal alarm systems of recent time they stick out like a sore thumb with their white plastic housing and big red HELP or EMERGENCY button.
Personal alarm

Typical design of previous Personal alarms


When you walked into a home with one of these personal alarms fitted you could identify them immediately. Although they still provide total reassurance to the end user and peace of mind for family members it still looks out of place and the big red buttons on both the pendants and alarm units scream out like a ‘’Badge of need’’. This is a stigma which Tynetec, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Telecare equipment has worked hard to try and break.


Big chunky, heavy pendant.

Even the pendants for these types of alarms were big chunky things that are meant to be worn around the neck by the user. These types of pendants label the user as either at risk or vulnerable. During my experience working with these alarms in people’s homes and in sheltered accommodation I was shocked at the sheer amount of people who simply wouldn’t wear their pendants, they were either kept in cupboards, locked away in drawers and just generally hidden away from view.
 After extensive research which involved listening to feedback of hundreds of service users they came out with the Reach alarm unit and touch pendant. These innovative and stylish units have been a massive hit with their users and have been likened to DAB radios or wireless routers.


 We know through research that people with ageing parents are often concerned about their wellbeing and would welcome the idea of a personal alarm so that not only their parent or loved one will have help that is only a button press away, but they themselves will have total peace of mind that mum or dad have 24/7 support should they require it.

Stylish and modern personal alarm(Available in black or white)

The way DJS Telecare Ltd differ from any other provider is that we provide a choice to the customer as to where the calls are routed to, if people do not want calls to go through to a monitoring centre that is not a problem, we can programme the units to dial through to a landline or mobile phone. This could be through to anyone they wish, be It a son or daughter, relative, friend, neighbour etc. Once the call is answered, the user can have a 2 way conversation with the recipient via the in-built speaker system within the alarm.
 We know all too well that the trouble often comes when putting this idea forward to mum or dad, it will often be met with objections and the idea will be discarded well before getting the chance to outline the benefits and features of the units. People like to be seen as independent and not in need, we feel our alarms offer that as well as a whole host of other benefits such as security, confidence, and much sought after peace of mind. However as pointed out previously people tend to see these alarms as alarms for ‘’old people’’ and would label them vulnerable. It’s this attitude that needs to be challenged and changed.
If you would like to know anything further about the products and services we offer, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01670 618 619 and we would be happy to discuss anything further.
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