For those of you that don’t know, Telecare is a service which enables people to remain safe and maintain an independent lifestyle. This is achieved by providing personal and environmental sensors in and around the home. Telecare offers individuals, their families and friends security and peace of mind with various sensors and detectors, some of which I am going to detail below.

Telecare is customisable to most peoples’ situations and a package can be made up of 1 or more of the following devices.

The simplest form of Telecare consists of a personal alarm and pendant, the personal alarm is the brains and central hub of any Telecare package, it plugs into the users phone line and receives the signal from all of the Telecare devices. When the pendant is triggered it will transmit a signal to the personal alarm, the personal alarm will then dial a pre-programmed number and the user can speak to the recipient via the inbuilt loudspeaker in the personal alarm.

If the user does not feel it necessary to have a personal pendant this is not a problem, it is not compulsory, they can use the LED highlighted button on the actual personal alarm should they require assistance.

Smoke and Heat detection

If the user wants an early indication of smoke or heat then they can have wireless detectors fitted which upon activation will sound an audible alert and transmit a signal to the personal alarm which will then dial through to a pre-programmed number (Please note: this can be a family member, friend or an alarm receiving centre). Once the call is connected the user can then speak with the selected recipient, if it is an emergency then they can alert the appropriate authorities.

CO2 Detection

As well as smoke and heat detectors we also offer Carbon Monoxide sensors. These wall mounted units should be fitted in a room with a fuel burning appliance like a gas boiler or fire. They can also be mounted at head height in a room which the occupant spends the majority of their time. If dangerous levels of carbon monoxide is detected the unit will sound locally to notify the occupant and transmit a signal to personal alarm which will then dial through to the pre-programmed number.

Intruder detection

The user can choose to use the unit as an intruder alarm for added security. For this option the user can have PIR movement detectors and/or door contacts fitted. When they leave the property they can set the personal alarm and if the PIR or door contacts are triggered and not disabled within a specified time they will transmit a signal to the Personal alarm which will then perform a silent dial alarm call through to a pre-programmed telephone number. Once connected the speech will be one way so the recipient can hear what is going on within the property but the potential intruder will not be able to hear them. The recipient can then alert the appropriate authorities without notifying the intruder.

Panic Switches

These are designed to give the user added security and peace of mind. If they feel threatened or uneasy with any visitors they can press the switch. These are wall mounted and are designed to look like a normal light switch. When triggered the unit will transmit a signal to the personal alarm which in turn will initiate a silent alarm call through to a pre-programmed telephone number. Once connected the recipient can listen in and assess the situation and deal with it accordingly, i.e. attend themselves to assist the user, or notify the relevant authorities to resolve.

These are just a select few devices that we can offer. Like previously stated packages are totally customisable for complete user satisfaction so the person can have as many devices as they wish to suit them.

For a full list of Telecare products we offer please have a look at our products and services section of the site. If you would like to know more or would like to arrange a FREE demonstration then please don’t hesitate in contacting us: Tel: 01670 618 619.

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2013-10-07 11:25:30 Reply

I had one of your units fitted in my grandmothers house, she’s very able and very sure on her feet but as she lives alone it gives her the peace of mind that someone is only the touch of a button away. I can’t commend your business enough.

DJS Telecare

2013-10-07 11:39:20 Reply

Thanks Terry, glad to hear that it is having such a positive effect. :)

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