[toggle title=”Can I wear the pendant in the bathroom, bath and shower?” value=”closed”] The pendant is fully waterproof, and we would encourage our customers to wear it at all times in the house, including in the bathroom (where more accidents are likely to happen). However we would recommend not wearing it in the bath or shower so the string/strap doesn’t get wet. [/toggle][toggle title=”What happens if I press the pendant by accident?” value=”closed”] When the call is answered just inform the personal recipient or the staff at the response centre that you pressed it by accident. In fact we ask our customers to press the button at least once a month, to ensure that you remain totally familiar with the process and to test that the system is working correctly. [/toggle][toggle title=”What if I lose my emergency pendant?” value=”closed”] You can still call for help from the alarm button on the alarm unit. A replacement pendant can be supplied at a small additional cost. [/toggle][toggle title=”I do a lot of gardening – will the pendant still work outside the house?” value=”closed”] The pendant has a typical range of 50 metres from the base unit and should be worn outside the house in the garden. [/toggle][toggle title=”Can I have more than one pendant per base unit?” value=”closed”] You can have two pendants on one base unit enabling both of you to be covered. A small additional charge of 50p per week is made for the additional pendant. [/toggle][toggle title=”How do I know when the battery in my pendant is running low?” value=”closed”] The system constantly monitors the battery level and once it gets below a certain level a message will be sent to the personal recipient or call centre. [/toggle][toggle title=”What happens if there is a power cut?” value=”closed”] In the event of a power cut, there is a backup battery in the alarm unit, which will ensure that the system keeps working. [/toggle][toggle title=”Will any of the other equipment in my house affect the pendant working properly?” value=”closed”] There should be no interference with the functionality of the system from any other household equipment in your house. [/toggle][toggle title=”Will my pendant interfere with a pacemaker?” value=”closed”] The Touch Pendant does not interfere with a pacemaker because it operates on a separate frequency. [/toggle][toggle title=”Do you keep any medical details to help emergency services?” value=”closed”] We hold limited medical information on file, as well as details of your doctor, to assist the Emergency Services. [/toggle][toggle title=”I have moved house, who do I need to inform of my change of details?” value=”closed”] We need you to tell us your new address, telephone numbers and any change to key-holders. Simply call 01670 618 619 and inform us of any changes . When you move we can arrange a engineer to come and install the unit at the new address free of charge. [/toggle][toggle title=”I want to change the details of my key holders – how do I do this?” value=”closed”] Contact us on 01670 618 619 and let us know the details you wish to change. [/toggle][toggle title=”I don’t have any registered keyholders and am using the monitoring service only. How will the emergency services gain access to my property in the event of a emergency.” value=”closed”] We strongly recommend purchasing a keysafe from us which we can install when we come to fit the alarm unit. We would be the only people to know the combination and would pass it on to the emergency services should they require access. [/toggle]


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